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Brand Purpose Case Study: Glia Ecosystems

Define segments. Choose targets. Position wisely.

We’ve helped a lot of start-ups ‘find themselves’. We know. It’s a bit of a strange thing to say isn’t it? Helping a business to find itself.  But start-ups, like established companies before them, are usually founded on an idea which propels them forward. Invariably they present the idea tens, maybe hundreds, of times as they seek investment. As they transition through investment rounds, more layers get added to the presentations. More ‘bits of feedback’ get added in along with more visuals.

Branding strategy:
Diagnostics, Targeting, Positioning

Brand narrative and messaging

Marketing communications plan

Glia Ecosystems: branding strategy and marketing communication

“Sentient helped open our eyes to a stronger, strategic positioning, a clearer and simpler narrative and a way of telling our story which continues to resonate with our target audience.

Founder, Glia Ecosystems

Before long, the concise, punchy elevator pitch of an idea has evolved into something more unwieldily.

Glia Ecosystems along with many others, was in a similar position. It had a very successful investment history. It had built a team and a product that was endorsed at a high level. It had a direction of travel and a very respected team driving it forward.  But switching mindsets to building a brand isn’t always straightforward.

At Sentient, we have a process and an approach which has been refined and improved over decades of use. It’s a process that’s helped brands from Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Hilton and more find their way. It’s a process that has helped start-ups like Glia Ecosystems, Avida Global and others transition from investment mindset to brand building mindset.

We strip away the layers that have built up over years to get to the core of the brand and the idea behind it. Through Diagnostics and Discovery through to Targeting and Positioning we help brand owners and custodians solve one of the biggest challenges they continue to face. 

Branding strategy and marketing communication are powerful forces when pointed in the right direction.

We took Glia Ecosystems on the journey. Ensuring stakeholders were aligned and on the same journey was key. Check-ins allowed for strawman models to be burnt and rebuilt. Until we land on language which fits and a positioning that works. In the mind of the target audience.  In relation to the competitive set. And in the minds of the team and employees.

The outcomes included a positioning statement, a communications architecture, a new narrative for presentations and the website; an elevator pitch and a way of thinking and talking that is future fit.  That’s the power of branding strategy. That’s the power of marketing communications.

Glia Ecosystems: branding strategy and marketing communication
Glia Ecosystems: branding strategy and marketing communication
Glia Ecosystems: branding strategy and marketing communication